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Casting Call: Interior Design Series for a Major Network

By Agent Web Pros, September 26th, 2011,
in Real Estate TV Shows
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Hey fellow real estate professionals, need an idea to reconnect with your existing clients and leads? If you’re in the Los Angeles area, here’s an interesting casting call for redesigning your home interior by a celebrity home designer on a major cable t.v. show. Feel free to send this information to your clients who may be interested in a make-over for their home:

Authentic Entertainment (Bravo’s Flipping out; TLC’s Toddlers & Tiaras) is seeking charismatic, upscale, sophisticated couples and families in the greater Los Angeles area for a new network makeover series for a free home interior re-design by our celebrity home designer.

  • Is your house beautiful, but you have 1 or 2 rooms that cause friction?
  • Do you and your partner have conflicting design tastes and need help making the styles work together?
  • Is it time for a remodel but your spouse likes things the way they are?
  • Does your partner have all the space and you have no area to call your own?
  • Do you feel you have good taste but somehow everything turns out tacky?

    TELL US YOUR STORY! How can our celebrity designer help turn your house into your dream home?


    • Recent photos of you and your partner/spouse/family
    • Photos of the room(s) you would like redesigned
    • Why you need these rooms redesigned
    • Your contact info

      Pre-Launch Checklist for Your Real Estate Website

      By Agent Web Pros, June 10th, 2011,
      in Real Estate Web Design
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      Completing an effective real estate website entailed a lot of invested time and resources, so it’s only right to check that everything is in order before you launch it. How well your website works will reflect on your brand and company, so a quality check from a both a functionality and design standpoint is a must.

      Take a look at the checklist we’ve gathered for you to help you achieve a successful launch.

      Double-check content. Proofread everything. Make sure you use proper punctuations and consistent grammar throughout your content. Avoid run-on sentences and be consistent with your tenses. Check that everything is concise and understandable. Double check figures, pricing and statistics on all your listings.

      Test your links. Test your article links, drop downs, navigation menus and footer links. For future changes in URL addresses, make sure the old links will be directed to the new ones. Also, make sure your links are highlighted (underlined, bold, italicized, or differently colored) to make it easy to identify.

      Check form functionality. Your contact details should be prominently displayed and your contact form should be easily accessible. Test all your contact and  call-to-action forms such as email lists and newsletter signups.

      Install RSS. For any dynamic agent website whose content is regularly updated, this is an essential feature. RSS lets people subscribe to your latest updates, so it’s a good way to keep people posted of your latest listings or offerings. Place the RSS logo on your blog section or on your homepage where  it can be easily seen.

      Test browser compatibility. Now that smart phones and mobile browsing are the norm, you’ll have to add that to your list when checking for browser compatibility. Don’t forget to include the latest versions of all the major browsers such as Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer. Test how your website looks on the iPad or iPhone. If you see something wrong, you may always contact your web designer to make your site viewable in different screen resolutions.

      Install favicon. A favicon helps to identify a frequently-visited or bookmarked site. Ask you web designer to install a custom favicon for your realtor website.

      Check SEO. Make sure your all your video tags and text are optimized for effective indexing by search engines. Tag all your blog entries with industry keywords, and put descriptive captions and titles for your videos with searchable key phrases. There’s no use in having the best listings and the best services if home buyers and sellers can’t find you on the web.

      Setup website analytics. Your new website needs time to gain the exposure it needs. but even on the onset, you can use analytics tools such as Google Analytics to track how your real estate website is doing in terms of visitors. By looking at the statistics of your site, you’ll be able to identify key areas for improvement as well as areas that attract leads the most. You’ll also have a better idea of where most web visitors are tag heuer replica from so you can add more updates on their possible listings of interest.

      Launching your real estate website is just the first step. However, doing pre-launch and post-launch quality checks mean less hassles down the road . If you need help double-checking and testing your website, consult your web designer or developer so they can run through everything with you.

      For more tips on internet marketing and how to get the most out of your real estate website, join the discussions on our Real Estate Forums today.

      Writing a Great Tagline for Your Real Estate Business

      By Agent Web Pros, May 10th, 2011,
      in Internet Marketing, Real Estate Marketing Tips
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      A tagline is more than just a set of words that people see next to your name or logo and should be a distinct part of your brand identity. In fact, certain taglines are so identifiable that when mentioned on their own, they are instantly associated with the successful brands they are partnered with.  Case in point: Adidas’ “Impossible is Nothing,” Apple’s “Think different,” Burger King’s  “Have it your Way” and MasterCard’s  “There are some things that money can’t buy. For everything else there’s MasterCard.”

      Like call to action statements, taglines are great at capturing people’s attention and curiosity. With just those few words, a tagline can excite and inspire. When applied to your real estate business, it is crucial that your own should also be identifiable, understandable and genuine enough to build trust and distinguish yourself from others. Since we’re talking real estate, here are some samples of great taglines that our clients are using on their real estate websites:

      “Your home is extraordinary. Shouldn’t your representation be the same? –
      “Local Knowledge. International Connections.” –
      “Uniting Capital with Opportunity” –
      “Four Seasons of Endless Adventure” –
      “Your Connection to the Beach” –
      “Moorhouse for Your Money”  –
      “Selling San Francisco’s Most Unique Real Estate” –
      “Going Above and Beyond for Your American Dream” –
      “Selling Texas, One Acre at a Time” –
      “Excellent Service. Plain and Simple.” –
      “Selling SouthEast Idaho for Over 30 Years”

      Looking to create or revamp your own? Here are some easy pointers you can follow to help you think of great taglines for your real estate business:

      Make a creative brief. A creative brief answers all the questions you need when thinking of your tagline A few questions you can ask yourself are: What kind of impression do I want to leave my clients? What can I offer my clients that other agents may not have? What are my company’s strengths? Who is my target market? What locations are my specialties?

      It helps to know what you want to say before you can think of how to say it. The point is to narrow down the best words that will best describe you as a real estate professional and how you stand out from others. You may list the top 5 words that you think best describe you as an agent and narrow it down from there.  Try out a few combinations to see how it fits with your company image. If necessary, you may seek the opinion of trusted colleagues, friends or previous clients for their feedback.

      Choose to be clear. A well-crafted phrase should be concise, elegant and right-to-the point. It’s tempting to use puns, clichés or poetic speech for your tagline, but it’s best to be clear and relatable. The real challenge is to be genuine without being boring or generic.

      Sell the truth. This definitely goes hand-in-hand with being clear. Don’t over-promise with your tagline. You should be owning what you say and it is important to select only the best phrase  that is truly representative of your brand.

      Do your research. With thousands of companies out there, coming up with a truly unique tagline is a daunting prospect. It’s a possibility that the phrase you’ve worked so hard at is already owned by another. Prevent future lawsuits and do your Google research. Check if your choice is already being commercially used to avoid trademark conflicts.

      Put it to good use. Now that you’ve wowed yourself with your new catchphrase, it’s time to put it out there. Consistency is key to successful brand marketing. Use your tagline wherever your name or logo appears — on your real estate website, email signature, business card, ads, flyers and company brochures. Tell your friends about it. Make sure it’s seen and is associated with your company at all times.

      There’s no need to stress if you can’t find a tagline that suits your real estate business right away. It’s a creative effort that can’t be accomplished with a snap of your fingers. Take a long walk outside. Read something. Brainstorm long and hard. Soon enough a spark of inspiration will come and you’ll have an awesome tagline that is truly your own.

      For more marketing or branding advice for your real estate business, you may contact us for a Free Consultation.or reach our guys at 1.800.492.6777.

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