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Power your Real Estate Business with Story-Based Marketing

By Agent Web Pros, April 14th, 2011,
in Archives, Internet Marketing
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More than just getting business transactions done, your role as a real estate agent is about helping clients sell or buy a property by educating them in the process, and working diligently with them before negotiating a mutually-beneficial contract.

The thing is, when you work for the best interest of your clients, you gain a reputation of respect and integrity in the course of your business relationships. Happy clients are also more likely to refer you if they remember you as someone who helped them smoothen out a daunting process and was concerned with their long-term fulfillment. That said, there are always new ways on how to market yourself through personal stories that you can apply to both your online and offline marketing efforts.

Here are some ways on how you can revamp your real estate business through story-based marketing.

Showcase your personality.
Whether online or offline, it is essential for your real estate business to prove its identity amidst countless competition. A visit to your real estate website is often one of the first things potential clients will use to touch base with you. Add some pizzazz to your agent website by linking it with your real estate blog. Since blogs have more ‘human factor’ content than a serious marketing copy, it’s best to use it to your advantage and show people your strengths as a person. To get a look that’s professional but and user-friendly try getting a WordPress blog.

Tell, don’t hard sell. Leave the aggressive marketing to your advertisements. On your blog, write about the personal side of real estate. Share positive encounters with past clients. Write about that time you successfully worked out a seemingly impossible negotiation, or share bloopers of past video tours. People are genuinely curious about what drives your company, so you can also write about your personal insights on the business and your goals in the real estate industry.

Showcase your testimonials. Since potential clients want to know more about the people behind the company, testimonials are effective for your agent website. Video testimonials give a more candid and personal outlook of how your past clients view your services. Plus, when videos are tagged or captioned properly, they can help your real estate website rank higher on Google results. To learn more, read our article on Google and real estate video testimonials.

Reinvent the case study.
When written and presented in a fresh manner, case studies are a great way to share how your company excels in specific situations. Include quality photos and be as comprehensive as possible. Make it specific so your readers can relate to it. Share case studies about what kinds of property gets sold well in a community you’re specializing in or write a study on how you reinvented your brand when expanding to a new market.

If you’re stumped about what you can possibly share with your readers, don’t sweat it. Sit down and take a moment to think of all your experiences in the field—both good and bad. Before you know it, you’ll have thought of all sorts of creative ways to use story-based marketing for your real estate business.

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